Vocabulary: Gothic Gable Edition

enthymeme: an argument in which obvious or known premises are excluded for brevity
cenacle: an upper-floor dining room (esp. where the Last Supper took place)
finial: an ornamental flourish at the top of a spiral, gable, or italic letter
ogival: a diagonal rib of a pointed, Gothic arch (or the arch itself)
viscid: sticky, glutinous, or covered in substance of that kind
cognomen: the third, nick, or family name, originally Roman
crocket: a leaflike ornament found in Gothic architecture
posset: milk curdled with ale or wine, heated and spiced
hypotyposis: a lifelike description or depiction
cinereous: resembling or reduced to ashes
friable: easily crumbled or broken up
glabrous: unnaturally hairless
thurible: a variety of censer