A soothing demonstration of fluid dynamics from Cambridge (link)

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Clever video idea by Jonah Haber; the background is photosensitive and captures silhouettes of the dancer whenever the flash fires.

https://coldewey.cc/2017/06/yes-we-mystic-working-for-the-future-in-the/ »

When a meteoroid strikes your camera mid-capture (NASA)

https://coldewey.cc/2017/06/when-a-meteoroid-strikes-your-camera-mid-capture/ »

False color image of the Gibson Desert in Western Australia (ESA)

https://coldewey.cc/2016/12/false-color-image-of-the-gibson-desert-in-western/ »

RGB XYZ – David OReilly

https://coldewey.cc/2016/11/rgb-xyz-david-oreilly/ »

The lady may accept the escort, or the lady may ‘give him the mitten.’

https://coldewey.cc/2016/11/the-lady-may-accept-the-escort-or-the-lady-may/ »

The Polaris Flare in Ursa Minor (ESA)

https://coldewey.cc/2016/08/the-polaris-flare-in-ursa-minor-esa/ »

Viking 1 photographs the Martian sunset, 40 years ago

https://coldewey.cc/2016/07/viking-1-photographs-the-martian-sunset-40-years/ »