The Polaris Flare in Ursa Minor (ESA) »

Viking 1 photographs the Martian sunset, 40 years ago »

An 1881 “isochronic” map representing travel time to various regions. (more) »

Great Sherlock Holmes charts by Adam Frost and Jim Kynvin for The Guardian »

Plutonium radiation exciting a cloud chamber »

Radar image of Antarctica’s glacier-covered Gamburtsev mountains »

Still from “Il Capo,” following the boss of a marble quarry and his gestures »

Original patent for Katamari Damacy

“A game performing method for executing a game by arranging a plurality of objects comprising a plurality of objects to be stuck and an operation object, in a virtual space, controlling rolling and movement of the operation object according to a player’s input, and rolling and moving the operation object while sticking the objects which the operation object comes in contact with” »

Al Capone’s FBI fingerprint file – saved from shredding »