This sign is on Reddit right now as if it’s some sort of anomaly or Engrish. What? I thought everyone knew this from like grade school on. Make yourself look big, don’t turn your back, and fight back if it jumps you. What’s so hard about that? Other than the fighting a mountain lion bit.

Greatest Pickle Of All Time

Eat a jar full of Farman’s “zesty dills” and then immerse the contents of a Claussen’s halves jar in the flavorful brine. Wait one week. Absolutely amazing.


Women – Black Rice

Women’s self-titled album is sort of like a cross between Deerhunter and Grizzly Bear or something. It’s unpredictable, virtuosic, and good pretty much all the way through. But the whole time, you keep thinking “what kind of music is this exactly?” From faultless chorused voices in the insanely short “Group Transport Hall” and “Black Rice” to shimmering and mystical soundscapes like “Woodbine,” they cover a lot of ground. The whole album is worth your time, so check them out.