tumblr_lgpijehkV71qzv802 The Intelligence – “Like Like Like Like Like Like Like”Males A raw, basic, and fun album with the charm and energy of The Lovely Feathers and the stripped-down aesthetic of Japandroids. The songs are simple and bite-sized, the longest track (“Males”) running just 4:47, with more than half being an instrumental breakdown and a … Continue reading

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tumblr_kybl3qoJwG1qzv802 Dinosaur Feathers – “Family Waves”Fantasy Memorial Something about this music feels familiar, but I absolutely can’t place it. That’s odd, because this album is musically adventurous, listenable, and plain fun – all things I like. Best I can come up with: imagine if The Lovely Feathers spent a year in the South Pacific with … Continue reading

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tumblr_ktmz7gvZFD1qzv802 The Lovely Feathers – “Photo Corners”Hind Hind Legs Got a new love for this album over the weekend, having usually turned it off after “Wrong Choice” for no particular reason and not getting a chance to love the later tracks. The half-major, half-minor singalong feel of this song is pretty unique to The Lovely … Continue reading

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tumblr_kqk5iwBIbf1qzv802 The Lovely Feathers – “Lowiza”Fantasy of the Lot Compared with Hind Hind Legs, this album is very tame. Of course, an exploding fireworks factory is tame next to Hind Hind Legs. But the pieces that made it great are still there. Great melody, fun lyrics delivered well, and a feeling that they’re not taking … Continue reading

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tumblr_kpovfiTFsr1qzv802 Field Music – “You’re Not Supposed To”Write Your Own History This album is a great little collection of b-sides and early songs by a band I didn’t even know existed. They’ve got a unique sound going on though, a sort of cross between Tunng and The Lovely Feathers.

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