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These grotesque yet delicate illustrations by J.K. Lambert are from Ingrid Lundgren’s “The Brothers Lionheart,” a favorite book from my childhood. I couldn’t find good copies of them online and so photographed them myself as best I could without taking the book apart. » »

Albrecht Altdorfer – Countryside of Wood with St George Fighting the Dragon »

Odilon Redon – St George and the Dragon (1909) »

John Constable (eng. David Lucas) – Weymouth Bay, Dorsetshire »

Wojciech Siudmak – Cosmopolis Nomad »

Wonderful crests with uncommon English mottoes – Armorial Families (1929)
‘Heed with speed’ ~ ‘I byde my time’ ~ ‘Watch and ward’ ~ ‘Live to live’ ~ ‘I will’ ~ ‘On’ »

Illustrations by Sergey Yuhimov for a Russian edition of “Lord of the Rings” »

Henry Hillinick – Matte for “Forbidden Planet” (1955) »