A scene from Henry Darger’s The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion

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A raindrop on a butterfly’s wing.

Part of the Nikon microphotography contest. More here.

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WWI bombers.

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More Fontanesi. God, the man could paint.

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The album art for Cul de Sac’s Death of the Sun has always intrigued me. Not having a physical copy of the album meant I had no access to the liner notes. I decided that I needed to know who the painter was, and put it up on Ask Metafilter. No luck, although they turned me on to Corot. One person had the contact info for the album art designer, whom I emailed – and shortly after got a reply from the main guy in the band. The artist is Antonio Fontanesi, a Barbizon school painter who actually lived in Japan during their 19th century policy of isolation.

There are a few of his paintings available in high quality here, including “Aprile,” (above) which was cropped down for Death of the Sun. Very desolate, very beautiful.

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Transfer of Napoleon’s ashes aboard the Belle Poule, October 15, 1840 (Louis Eugène Gabriel Isabey)

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On a more real note than Prince Valiant’s plan below, here is the layout of Napoleon’s invasion force for England before he was forced to call off the operation. That’s a lot of ships.

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Illustrations by Rockwell Kent for the Arion Press edition of Moby Dick.

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Long exposure of a helicopter landing, from the February 1949 issue of Life Magazine. By Andreas Feininger, and archived at Google. Fantastic picture.

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The Art of Memory is a blog covering minimalism in music and film. There are many film frames and great art finds, all of which are gathered at this superb Flickr page. I shuffled through 50 pages of collected art, photos, and ephemera and found some really amazing stuff.

It’s associated with Invisible Birds, a relatively new record label focusing on natural and minimalist music.

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Some excellent Prince Valiant frames for you. Click for large versions.

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This “Catholic Resources” site has every single illustration Gustave Doré did for the Bible. In high resolution! I’m gonna get some of these printed.

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Been reading old Dick Tracy comics downloaded from an enormous torrent of Four Color Comics, a series which gave birth to a ton of classic comic heroes. Up next: Smilin’ Jack, Captain Easy, and Gangbusters.

Update: Smilin’ Jack is a little rough and Gangbusters holds back too much. Captain Easy on the other hand is a goddamn treasure. I’m going to head up to Fantagraphics later this week and get a collection.

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