Vocabulary: foppish naturalist edition

From Ten Thousand A-Year

pomatum: a perfumed unguent for the scalp (it’s pomade)
bedizen: to ornament or dress in a showy or pompous manner
opprobrious: expressing (or bringing) reproach or scorn
champerty: sharing the proceeds of a lawsuit by an outside party who has encouraged the
  litigation. Used to be illegal, is now the standard
animadversion: a critical or reproachful remark
jackanapes: an impudent person, especially a young man or child
fustian: a stout fabric of cotton and flax, or unnecessarily turgid language
virago: a strong and forward woman, or critical and scolding woman
palaver: to talk profusely or idly

From Glaucus; or, The Wonders of the Shore

congener: an organism belonging to the same class or group as another organism
coracle: a small boat made of wicker and a treated or waterproof material
sciolism: superficial knowledge, or a pretentious attitude of scholarship
tyro: a beginner or novice