Then, in the evenings, there were theatres, great and small, the various taverns, and other places of nocturnal resort, which are the secret pride and glory of the metropolis—but to which shall not more distinctly allude. In addition to this, at an advanced period of the night, or rather early hour in the morning, he sedulously strove to perfect himself in those higher arts and accomplishments, excelled in by one or two of the more eminent of the youthful aristocracy, viz., breaking windows, pulling bells, wrenching off knockers, extinguishing lamps, tripping up old women, watchmen, and children, and spoiling their clothes;— ah, how often in his humbler days had his heart panted in noble rivalry of such feats as these, and emulation of the notoriety which they earned for the glittering miscreants who excelled in them!

Samuel Warren, Ten Thousand A-Year