Vocabulary: Dare to be Anaractic edition

geognostic: having to do with the constituent parts of the earth (air, crust, etc)
cantatrice: a professional female singer (clearly, but an uncommon word)
dysgenic: having a negative effect on the offspring – opposite of eugenic
historiographer: an official historian of an institution, order, or society
crenated: having a notched or rounded saw-tooth pattern at the edge
plangent: resounding loudly, especially with a sad or plaintive noise
epos: an epic poem, or events which would be appropriate for one
faience: glazed earthenware; also, a strong greenish-blue color
monody: limited to or dominated by a single voice or melody
hygrometry: the branch of physics concerned with humidity
aseity: the property of being self-created or self-originating
ataraxy: the state of being emotionally undisturbed, calm
bibelot: a decorative object, trinket, or curiosity
commorient: dying simultaneously or together
conspectus: a general survey or summary