In the progress of society we have dropped the physical part of the business; and instead of punching, scratching, kicking, biting, and knocking down one another, still true to the original principles of our nature, we are all endeavoring to circumvent one another; everybody is trying to take everybody in; the moment that one of us has got together a thing or two, he is pounced on by his neighbor, who in his turn falls a prey to another, and so on in endless succession. We cannot effectually help ourselves, though we are splitting our heads trying to discover devices, by way of laws, to restrain this propensity of our nature: it will not do; we are all overreaching, cheating, swindling, robbing one another, and if necessary, are ready to maim and murder one another in the prosecution of our designs. So it is with nations as with individuals. Truly, truly, we are a precious set.

Ten Thousand A-Year