Vocabulary: Unspoken, Unclaimed, And Unrefined Edition

sorites: form of arguing in which intermediate arguments and conclusions are left unspoken
corrivation: the joining of two streams or rivers into one (obvious on reflection)
diapason: a range of standard musical pitches, or the exercise of said range
neoteric: modern, recent, or someone tending toward such trends
exegetical: criticism or interpretation of a text, esp. scripture
colloguing: to plot or conspire; to confer or inform secretly
advowsons: the right to present for a vacant church office
coadjutor: an assistant, esp. one bishop to another
bewray: to betray or expose (bee-ray, not boo-ray)
incult: uncultivated, unrefined, naturally wild
ingenite: inherent or inborn; congenital
divagation: to wander or digress