Vocabulary: I Am Errour Edition

metonymy: figure of speech in which a concept is replaced by a related object (“the crown”)
synteresis: innate moral knowledge. In Christianity, the part of the soul connected with god
ecpyrosis: the periodic destruction and recreation of the universe (ancient Greek belief)
pother: a commotion, heated discussion, or suffocating cloud (as of dust or ash)
defalcation: misappropriation of property (or the property so misappropriated)
simoniacal: guilty of practicing simony (profiting from ecclesiastical matters)
ascesis: self-discipline, often for religious purposes (var. askesis)
chasuble: a Catholic, sleeveless liturgical garment
ydrad: the state of being dreaded (middle English)
furze: “any spiny shrub of the genus Ulex.” Gorse.
hebetude: lazy or lethargic in mind or affect
inanation: exhaustion; lack of vigor or spirit
jape: a joke or mockery (v./n.)
ambulant: itinerant or shifting
brume: mist or fog