Disasterpeace – “Ensis”
Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar

Caution: chiptune. I decided to check this guy’s albums out after I saw he provided the interesting background music for the Fez trailer (and will score the game) – and it turns out he’s awesome. I don’t listen to a lot of chiptunes as a rule, but this and his previous album Level are just too awesome to pass up. They’ve got the slow-build and powerful instrumental payoff of post-rock and prog, all through this fantastic chiptune lens. “Ensis” follows a primer track (“Beta’s Brilliancy”) that sets up its massive seven-minute travels, which are equal parts Daft Punk and Mega Man. This is the original, pure product that winds up being cut with commercial productions and sold as pop music. I like mine unadulterated. (more info)