Vocabulary: Recurring Herder Edition

jument: an ox, mule, or other beast of burden (from the Latin “jumentum”)
recrudescence: revival or reappearance after a period of dormancy
carle: a peasant or laborer (var. carl, from old Norse for karl, “man”)
quartan: something, usually a fever, recurring every fourth day
grazier: a rancher or farmer who grazes livestock on his land
ambage: an indirect method of expression or circumlocution
duenna: a chaperone or governess for a young lady
neatherd: a cow herder (like cowherd or shepherd)
exequy: a funereal ceremony or procession
rissole: a small, deep-fried, meat pastry
calid: warm (same root as calorie)
accoucheur: a male midwife