Vocabulary: Epic Bale Edition

drugget: a coarse, shabby fabric of cotton or wool (from the French drogue, trash)
murrain: a plague, especially among cattle (from the French moraine, pestilence)
gymnosophist: one of a sect of Indian ascetics who refused themselves clothes
prorogue: to postpone, discontinue, or suspend a legal or legislative meeting
cruet: one or more small bottles or containers for oil, vinegar, salt, etc
fadge: to agree or succeed; or, a bale of wool under 100kg
epopee: an epic poem, or epic poetry in general
spilth: something that was spilled (clearly)
nanger: apparently a type of gazelle?
tomrig: a wild girl or tomboy
fumid: smoky or vaporous
froppish: testy or contrary
diffide: to act distrustfully
peckled: speckled