Vocabulary: Coarse Corruption Edition

shagreen: skin of sharks or rays used as an abrasive; also, a coarse, granular leather
macumba: a Brazilian cult that combined Christianity with occult practices
argolic: pertaining to Argolis, a southeastern district of ancient Greece
bolection: a raised molding surrounding a door, panel, window, etc
furbelow: a ruffle or showy bit of trimming, as on a woman’s dress
catoptric: the study of optics as created by or related to mirrors
conchologize: to take part in the collection and study of shells
polyantheon: undefined, but presumably “many-flowered”
garzoon: corruption of an oath, probably “God’s wounds”
cachinnation: a loud, improper, or uncontrolled laugh
impecunious: having (or yielding) little or no money
trivant: archaic version of “truant”
quillet: a subtlety or quibble