So parents often err, many fond mothers especially, doat so much upon their children, like Aesop’s ape, till in the end they crush them to death, Corporum nutrices animarum novercaie, pampering up their bodies to the undoing of their souls: they will not let them be corrected or controlled, but still soothed up in everything they do, that in conclusion “they bring sorrow, shame, heaviness to their parents” (Eccles. xxx, 8, 9), “become wanton, stubborn, wilful, and disobedient”; rude, untaught, headstrong, incorrigible, and graceless. “They love them so foolishly,” saith Cardan, “that they rather seem to hate them, bringing them up not to virtue but injury, not to learning but to riot, not to sober life and conversation but to all pleasure and licentious behaviour.”

Anatomy of Melancholy