Vocabulary: Kimmering Clachan Edition

Scots words and phrases from The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

braird: the early shoots of a crop of grain like wheat or barley
luckpenny: a sort of discount given to a buyer for luck
windelstrae: a stalk of dry grass
bicker: wooden drinking vessel
wynd: a narrow alley (i.e. wind)
aumuse: a cap worn by clergy
ayont: beside or adjacent to
bourock: a hovel or shelter
shakel-bane: wrist bone
clachan: a small village
Auld Simmie: the devil
spleuchan: pouch
kimmer: gossip
shan: grimace
mense: honor
rowth: plenty
corbie: black
chafts: jaws
maun: must
bairn: child