Vocabulary: Smooth Oppilator Edition

purly: Anglicization of “purlieu,” meaning outskirts of forest or city (esp. hunting)
deliquium: in chemistry, melting or dissolution; elsewhere, a faint or swoon
adust: dried, burned, or darkened by heat, or gloomy in look or manner
myrachial: no definition. Apparently a synonym for hypochondriacal
oppilate: to block or stop up with obstructing matter or objects
dummerer: a person who feigns dumbness (i.e. lack of voice)
corsive: an obsolete abbreviation of “corrosive”
vastity: a charming alternate form of vastness
cullion: from the Latin for testicle, an insult
constuprate: to ravish or debauch
calenture: a kind of tropical fever