Vocabulary: Oh, the immanity edition

aeolipile: the first device to demonstrate the transformation of steam into rotary motion
hieratic: priestly or related to the script and art of certain ancient egyptian priests
scholomance: a legendary Transylvanian school of black magic (now in WoW)
pismire: pejorative name for an ant, on account of their formic acid smell
occurse: also occursion – a meeting, clash, or collision
imbonity: lack of goodness (mongrel Latin by Burton)
depilatory: capable of or serving to remove hair
sternutation: a sneeze, or the act of sneezing
immane: vast either in size or in cruelty
suffite: (Latin) to fumigate or perfume
sufflate: archaic alternative to inflate
refluent: ebbing or flowing back