Vocabulary: Spurious Peers Edition

lapidary: an expert in or book on, or simply pertaining to, gemmary; or, of gemlike character
pinchbeck: a spurious or counterfeit item, named for a copper-zinc alloy used to fake gold
octroi: a duty on certain goods; also, when a sovereign grants the people a constitution
auscultation: diagnosis by listening to the sounds of the body, as with a stethoscope
phalanstery: an ~1800-person commune under the rules of socialistic Fourierism
cotemporary: variant of contemporary, and makes more sense really
amaranthine: purplish red like the flower, or unfading and eternal
distrain: to seize or hold goods in order to satisfy a debt or claim
compeer: a peer or comrade equal in rank, ability, status, etc
coromandel: a tropical tree known for its hard, brown wood
pellucid: translucent or clear, either optically or in style
purulent: containing, discharging, or producing pus
libration: oscillation, especially of the moon
puling: whining, crying, or whimpering