Vocabulary: Mired Myriapod Edition

machicolation: a parapet or gallery with openings through which to send projectiles, oil, etc
uncomatible: literally (and incredibly) “un-come-at-able,” in use as early as the 17th century
zouave: one of a French-Algerian infantry unit known for their vigor and colorful uniforms
enlizement: to become stuck in quicksand, mud, or figuratively in a situation or argument
stercorary: a place for securing waste or manure from the elements (sewer or storage)
barathrum: a pit in Athens into which criminals were thrown; synonymous with hell
praemunire: the offense of unnecessarily seeking an alternative to royal jurisdiction
scolopendra: “a genus of venomous myriapod” – also a mythical fish, per Spenser
tergiversate: to rapidly change attitudes or loyalties, or to be evasive in general
morion: a common Renaissance-period crested helmet (also a type of quartz)
epithalamium: an ode, poem, or song written to commemorate a wedding
excrescence: an outgrowth, animal or vegetable, normal or abnormal
firk: to hasten, rouse, drive, or strike
ochlocracy: mob rule