Vocabulary: Perpetual Pebble Edition

psephology: the study of elections (from psephos, pebble, once used to vote in Greece)
hobbledehoy: a clumsy, awkward youth (one literal etymology yields “hedge-goblin”)
pelmet: ornamentation over windows or doors to conceal curtain fastenings
compony : in heraldry, alternating squares of color and metal (also gobony)
anteambulo: one who walks before an important person to clear the way
gamboge: strong yellow pigment, made from a resin used as a purgative
Cencian: patricidal or fratricidal, after an infamous Italian noblewoman
manumission: the act of freeing a slave, or the state of a slave freed
tufa: porous limestone usually deposited by mineral-rich streams
exuviae: cast-off parts, skins, or moltings, such as shells or wings
ormolu: alloys made to imitate gold on jewlery and decorations
consol: a type of government bond yielding perpetual interest
curule: of the highest rank (occupier of the eponymous chair)
claque: sycophants, or hired applause (fr. claquer, to clap)
meteoria: ancient roman term for scatter-brainedness
jorum: a large bowl or vessel, or its contents
tenebrous: dark or gloomy (also tenebrose)
persiflage: light banter, or a frivolous style
raddled: interwoven or wattled; unkempt
paletot: a loose outer garment