Vocabulary: Fisher Fowles Edition

chapfallen: having one’s jaw (chap) hanging out of exhaustion or disappointment
chlorotic: lacking coloration due to lack of iron, in either plants and people
picquet: also piquet, a two-player game played with a 32-card deck
osculation: in mathematics, to touch and share a tangent; to kiss
paregoric: medicinal opium originally prescribed to children
stylobate: a continuous base for a series of columns
rodomontade: a boast, or to speak or act boastfully
contumacious: stubborn or resistant to authority
algedonic: relating to both pleasure and pain
carious: decayed, esp. bones or teeth
apaugasma: a brightly shining light
puteal: a classical-style wellhead
batrachian: toadlike or froglike
desipience: folly or silliness
slammakin: loose or untidy
nacreous: pearlescent