Vocabulary: Plaster & Pomander Edition

isinglass: gelatin made from the air bladders of fish (fr. Dutch huysenblas, ‘sturgeon-bladder’)
extravasate: for a liquid to be forced out of its proper vessel, as blood from artery into tissue
spokeshave: a plane with handles on each side for shaping spokes and like items
pomander: ball or container of aromatic substances carried to prevent infection
marl: to wind a rope, hitching every turn, with marlin, a light tarred rope
tierce: a third of a pipe of wine or liquid, amounting to about 42 gallons
teetotum: a four-sided top with letters on each side, used in gambling
bermoothes: certain islands, possibly fictional, possibly the Bermudas
bombazine: a twilled fabric, often black and often worn for mourning
embonpoint: plumpness (fr. French, en bon point, in good condition)
scoria: crust or slag leftover or rising atop smelted metal – or lava
puncheon: a cask holding 80 gallons, or simply that volume itself
calenture: fever or heat stroke encountered in tropical climes
obloquy: reproach or defamation, esp. from many unto one
ukase: an order or edict issuing from monarchy (esp. czars)
pantechnicon: van or warehouse used for storing furniture
marplot: one who defeats (mars) a plan or project (plot)
prelusive: introductory, i.e. pertaining to the prelude
diffide: to lack faith, or otherwise doubt or distrust
galliot: small ship propelled by both sail and oar
ope: archaic version of open, as hark to harken
scarlatina: another name for the scarlet fever
dudeen: a short-stemmed clay pipe
yare: quick or nimble, esp. of a ship
featly: skillfully, neatly, elegantly
holp: archaic past tense of help
bosky: wooded, bushy, shaded
avaunt: begone, away w’ye
malapert: overly saucy
leal: scots, loyal