Vocabulary: Crepitation Station Edition

lemniscate: like the Ôł× symbol, two closed symmetrical loops that meet at a central node
cincture: to encircle or surround, or something that does (e.g. a belt or girdle)
corant: corruption of courante, a fast 17th c. dance (fr. French, courir, to run)
talus: a slope or sloping fortification, or piled rocky detritus at its base
odylic: relating to the od, a hypothetical universal force in nature
loess: a light, fine, wind-deposited accumulation of silt and clay
esker: a winding ridge of sand or gravel often left by meltwater
glyptal: trademarked resin used for coatings (glycerol phthalic)
burren: area of the Irish coast famous for its caves and ruins
katabatic: winds naturally blowing downhill (ant. anabatic)
mortice: a hole cut in wood, to be jointed with a tenon
searce: to sift finely, or a sieve through which to do so
penetralia: innermost recesses or most secret items
jaggery: brown sugar made from date palm sap
flaysome: frightening (northern English dialect)
├ęclaircissement: enlightenment or clarification
coir: coconut fiber used for rope or matting
strathspey: a slow Scottish dance in 4/4
oupire: Polish variation on the vampire
crepitate: to crackle, rattle, or rustle