Women – Black Rice

Women’s self-titled album is sort of like a cross between Deerhunter and Grizzly Bear or something. It’s unpredictable, virtuosic, and good pretty much all the way through. But the whole time, you keep thinking “what kind of music is this exactly?” From faultless chorused voices in the insanely short “Group Transport Hall” and “Black Rice” to shimmering and mystical soundscapes like “Woodbine,” they cover a lot of ground. The whole album is worth your time, so check them out.


I heard another Eric Whitacre piece on the radio one day and was surprised to find he was a contemporary choral composer, not however many decades or centuries old. “Sleep” is not particularly complicated musically, but his sense of harmony is stunning.


A Sunny Day In Glasgow – 5:15 Train

Excellent and otherworldly electro-dreampop. Not sure how else to describe it.


Flim, a Dresden-based electronic composer, has put out several albums of electronic but frequently classically-inclined music. “Hell 3,” obviously the third in a series of Hells, is, I think, his piano masterpiece. The original “Hell” is also excellent, but I think this one is more refined and more expressive.

He has a way of timing the notes that you hear the first note and get its impression, then the second note both modifies the first and stands on its own. If they were played simultaneously, or a hundredth of a second later, the effect would be lost.


Arthur & Yu – Lion’s Mouth
I’ve had this song stuck in my head for weeks on and off. Now you can too!

It’s from KEXP’s Live album from this last year, a very good collection indeed.