Fridge – “Cut Up Piano and Xylophone”

One of my favorite albums ever , Happiness has so many different beautiful sounds that to only be able to put one up at a time feels wrong. This particular track is the shortest and perhaps the most easily enjoyed.


Soft Canyon – “For You”
Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings

The last song on this album, as I noted in my original review, nearly knocked me out of my chair. Unfortunately, since that time, the band has broken up, leaving Broken Spirit as their sole album.

Luckily it’s a great album. Sounds like it just came out of a time capsule. The first track is a great example of this. There’s really nothing that places this album past 1975.


The Psychic Paramount – “Para5”
Gamelan Into the Mink Supernatural

Wrote this up here. I believe this to be the actual loudest song ever.

I’m not kidding, be careful.


My Education – “Concentration Waltz”
5 Popes

Some post-rock reminiscent of earlier albums from Mogwai, Tarentel, and GY!BE. A great, lo-fi progression of noisy instrumental rock.


TK Webb – “The Devil’s A Dork (The Sea Told Me)”
Living Bridge (Compilation)

One of the songs I’d forgotten about from the excellent Living Bridge compilation from Rare Book Room, which features major artists like Deerhunter and Blood On the Wall as well as rarer stuff like Doldrums and this. It’s a jangly, easy-to-listen-to tune with great guitar work and confident vocals. My new favorite from the compilation.


Sunset – “Your Eyes Are Mirrors,”
The Glowing City

Wow, this album is great. It’s one of these seamless song-into-song-into-song albums, and the sound is constantly changing, yet remaining identifiable throughout. Bill Baird is the name of the guy behind it, a sort of all-in-one musician with talented friends, not unlike The Microphones’ Phil Elverum (though the music is very different).

More info and buying links here.


Peach Pit – “I”
Split w/ Majmoon

My friend Jeremy dropped this in my lap. Peach Pit, a Croatian (?) math-rock band that takes the usual “weird progressions and signatures” style of math-rock music and adds a surprising amount of power and melody. This is the first track of four, and they really cover a huge amount of musical ideas over the 26 minutes they use up. It’s actually shocking how good they are sometimes.

You can download the second track here, and here’s a video of a live performance of “4x100m”. More stuff here at the Peach Pit page.


Yeasayer – No Need to Worry
from All Hour Cymbals

Yeasayer has a really weird thing going on. But when they hit, they hit hard. “No Need to Worry” is a great example of this. Very unique sound. Sometimes they fall under the “mystical” category of music along with Gang Gang Dance’s God’s Money and Charalambides’ Our Bed Is Green.