Crime in Choir – “In search of plunder (bum convention)”
The Hoop

The final track from another great Crime in Choir album. This one is short and relatively straightforward. Synth-rock doesn’t attract me fundamentally, but these guys really, really pull it off.


Hank Williams Sr. – “If you’ve got the money honey, I’ve got the time”

Great old song. Congrats to Kaz and Tenny, who turned me on to this one, on their marriage and everything else.

Marches – “Cold Hands Warm Heart”
4AM Is The New Midnight

This album is absolutely strange, and none of the tracks are at all like any of the others. This weird electro-R&B and its staccato horn section really caught my ear, though.


Early Day Miners – “Marauder”
The Last Snow EP

Normally a very sedate band, Early Day Miners pull out the big guns on this track. Well, they’re normal-sized guns compared to everyone else, but still. Relatively big.


Skygreen Leopards – “The Heron”
One Thousand Bird Ceremony

One of my favorite songs, period. Just the absolute pinnacle of jangly forest-folk. From a fantastic album (their follow-up was disappointing).


Gustav – “Total Quality Woman”
Verlass Die Stadt

Gustav has always been hit-and-miss for me, but it’s rewarding listening. This song is very far from her normal oeuvre, but it’s still a fun little thing, and you get a good idea of her strangely idiomatic and not exactly correct English.


Bibio – “Mr. and Mrs. Compost”
Vignetting the Compost

This beautiful, micro-sized bite of a song is a bit of an exception on this album due to its primary vocal focus. I have to say that Vignetting the Compost is one of my favorite albums I’ve gotten this year.


The Wind-Up Bird – “That I’ve”

I wrote this album up at length here. What a fantastic, crushing album. Joe Grimm has moved on to a new album under his own name which I need to check out.


Broken Social Scene – “Baroque Social”
To Be You And Me

BSS like you never hear them. Actually sounds like Do Make Say Think’s “Chinatown” crossed with Loscil. Great track no matter what.


Crime in Choir – “Crystal Cakes”
Gift Givers

I’ve been meaning to check these guys out for a while. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this is pretty great: it’s kind of like they took the instrumental parts of Pink Floyd’s Animals and just extended it and augmented it. Very cool, very dynamic.