Love this guy taking apart homeopathy. Get in the sack!

Late night! This debate, while less scholarly, was far more entertaining and even-handed than I expected, considering it’s with Al Sharpton. He does get schooled, though.


On an atheist kick, I guess. This was a most fascinating debate between Christopher Hitchens and Alistair McGrath about all things religious and moral. For once it’s not a network news commentator asking Hitchens how can he have the nerve to not believe in god, but rather an intelligent former atheist who is now a theologian of note. He still appears to be out of his league, although Hitchens (as usual) comes off as a real jerk.

The full thing is here at; it’s quite long since it’s an actual structured academic debate, but worth watching all the way through if you have a spare 90 minutes.


Christopher Hitchens absolutely hammers a Christian talk-show host. The guy really gets served and can’t accept it. There are little bits missing but the gist is there.

Have a fully-cooked breakfast and get ready for work in under 5 minutes. If I wore pajamas, I’d take them off like that every time.

A little tour from my old apartment to my new one. Wish that little camera had a wider angle lens, though, it’s hard to really tell the size of the place. I’ll take pictures once I move some stuff in.

Hmm, it’s staying small. Better watch it at YouTube.

I put together this little Pleo reel for CrunchGear and TechCrunch. Gotta love the Crosby, Stills, and Nash, right?