Disney plagiarizing itself

Holy jesus, I never noticed this. This is completely insane.

Had too much to drink last night. While I was letting it wear off at 3AM I was watching old videos in my “Ish” folder and realized I’d never watched Richard Dawkins’ famous Q&A at Lynchburg in its entirety. If you haven’t yet either, do yourself a flavor and get watching.

These are so funny I almost died. I was afraid people in my building were going to think I was insane, what with a pair of frenzied Japanese voices screaming bloody murder and me crying with laughter.

Here’s the game (which I fully intend to try as soon as possible): in Mario 64, find a level with a hidden 1up mushroom. As soon as it pops up, you have to collect the 8 red coins and get the star before the mushroom catches you. It constantly flies straight for you at about running speed but can be tricked, teleported away from, and dodged. These kids manage to do it after probably 20 or 30 tries. There are a ton more here.