Gustav – “Total Quality Woman”
Verlass Die Stadt

Gustav has always been hit-and-miss for me, but it’s rewarding listening. This song is very far from her normal oeuvre, but it’s still a fun little thing, and you get a good idea of her strangely idiomatic and not exactly correct English.

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Bibio – “Mr. and Mrs. Compost”
Vignetting the Compost

This beautiful, micro-sized bite of a song is a bit of an exception on this album due to its primary vocal focus. I have to say that Vignetting the Compost is one of my favorite albums I’ve gotten this year.

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The Wind-Up Bird – “That I’ve”

I wrote this album up at length here. What a fantastic, crushing album. Joe Grimm has moved on to a new album under his own name which I need to check out.

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Broken Social Scene – “Baroque Social”
To Be You And Me

BSS like you never hear them. Actually sounds like Do Make Say Think’s “Chinatown” crossed with Loscil. Great track no matter what.

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Crime in Choir – “Crystal Cakes”
Gift Givers

I’ve been meaning to check these guys out for a while. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this is pretty great: it’s kind of like they took the instrumental parts of Pink Floyd’s Animals and just extended it and augmented it. Very cool, very dynamic.

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Mouse on Mars – “Catching Butterflies With Hand”

Mouse on Mars is a quirky electronic outfit that’s been around for a while; Idiology came out ages ago. It’s not full of music I like, but it’s got a few gems on it like this one. Give it a minute, it starts out pretty weird.

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Augie March – “Heartbeat and Sails”
Sunset Studies

Augie March’s Sunset Studies is a far cry from the masterpiece that is Strange Bird, but it’s got some fantastic tracks on it. This isn’t really representative of them, but it’s a great song – I love the metronomic beat of the banjo.

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Blood On The Wall – “Lightning Song”

Loved this song as soon as I heard it. Blood On The Wall are hit-or-miss, but they can hit pretty hard, particularly when the lady is singing instead of the guy. I love that “Lightning Song” is exactly the length and depth it wants to be – it’s just a perfectly crafted song.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/10/blood-on-the-wall-lightning-song-liferz/ »


The Lovely Feathers – “Lowiza”
Fantasy of the Lot

Compared with Hind Hind Legs, this album is very tame. Of course, an exploding fireworks factory is tame next to Hind Hind Legs. But the pieces that made it great are still there. Great melody, fun lyrics delivered well, and a feeling that they’re not taking it that seriously. I’ve only listened through it two or three times and it’s already growing on me.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/09/the-lovely-feathers-lowiza-fantasy-of-the/ »


Lovage – “To Catch A Thief”
Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By

I love this album, though you have to be in the mood for it. This track and “Strangers on a Train” are the best. Jennifer Charles’ vocals are ridiculous (only topped by Mike Patton on other tracks).

https://coldewey.cc/2009/09/lovage-to-catch-a-thief-music-to-make-love-to/ »


Johann Sebastian Bach, “Sonata in G, Andante”

Love this track. I saw it performed live in London by a very good pair of musicians and they really killed it. This version is good but the performers combined the mathematical precision with a bit of life to make something more of it.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/09/johann-sebastian-bach-sonata-in-g-andante/ »


The Fruit Bats – “Seaweed”

I love the guitar in this song. So calming. This is a great album, by the way, one of the few albums I have with a distinct twang to it. I’m okay with that.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/09/the-fruit-bats-seaweed-mouthfuls-i-love-the/ »


Field Music – “You’re Not Supposed To”
Write Your Own History

This album is a great little collection of b-sides and early songs by a band I didn’t even know existed. They’ve got a unique sound going on though, a sort of cross between Tunng and The Lovely Feathers.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/09/field-music-youre-not-supposed-to-write-your/ »


Bibio – “Dopplerton”
Vignetting the Compost

V. good. The playful electronics of later Minotaur Shock crossed with the jangly guitars of the Fruit Bats. Repetitive to be sure, but cheerful and hypnotic.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/09/bibio-dopplerton-vignetting-the-compost-v/ »


The Beatles – “Revolution”
Hey Jude Single

This version is awesome. I heard it on the radio ages ago but only recently realized it was a “real” version.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/08/the-beatles-revolution-hey-jude-single-this/ »


Fridge – “Cut Up Piano and Xylophone”

One of my favorite albums ever , Happiness has so many different beautiful sounds that to only be able to put one up at a time feels wrong. This particular track is the shortest and perhaps the most easily enjoyed.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/08/fridge-cut-up-piano-and-xylophone-happiness/ »


Soft Canyon – “For You”
Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings

The last song on this album, as I noted in my original review, nearly knocked me out of my chair. Unfortunately, since that time, the band has broken up, leaving Broken Spirit as their sole album.

Luckily it’s a great album. Sounds like it just came out of a time capsule. The first track is a great example of this. There’s really nothing that places this album past 1975.

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The Psychic Paramount – “Para5”
Gamelan Into the Mink Supernatural

Wrote this up here. I believe this to be the actual loudest song ever.

I’m not kidding, be careful.

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CFCF – “The Explorers”
Panesian Nights

Tell me this doesn’t make you want to go adventuring in 8 bits.

https://coldewey.cc/2009/08/cfcf-the-explorers-panesian-nights-tell-me/ »


My Education – “Concentration Waltz”
5 Popes

Some post-rock reminiscent of earlier albums from Mogwai, Tarentel, and GY!BE. A great, lo-fi progression of noisy instrumental rock.

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