I love this. The Pirate Bay’s trial is going on right now, and pictured are one of the defendants (Peter Sunde, left) and one of the plaintiffs (Per Sundin, right). Both are basically huge people in the world of media and the internet, and here they are looking totally cool and dressed in normal winter clothes. If this were happening in the US they’d be in suits and surrounded by more suits.

Garkov replaces the text of a few Garfield strips with text in Markov chains, “a probabilistic model well suited to semi-coherent text synthesis.” I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it’s semi-random and completely weird. Here are a few good ones I turned up.

If you get a good one, you can’t just “save image,” you have to take a screenshot; the text is not part of the image so you’ll get a blank one.

Buck Rogers!

Here are the cover and the first two pages of comics. Yeah, those are some big images. The book itself is coffee-table size.
Click through to get the full size.

Page 1
Page 2

Isn’t this stuff absolutely amazing? It just gets more insane, and the stories run into one another like movements in a ridiculous space symphony.