Vocabulary: Oh, the immanity edition

aeolipile: the first device to demonstrate the transformation of steam into rotary motion
hieratic: priestly or related to the script and art of certain ancient egyptian priests
scholomance: a legendary Transylvanian school of black magic (now in WoW)
pismire: pejorative name for an ant, on account of their formic acid smell
occurse: also occursion – a meeting, clash, or collision
imbonity: lack of goodness (mongrel Latin by Burton)
depilatory: capable of or serving to remove hair
sternutation: a sneeze, or the act of sneezing
immane: vast either in size or in cruelty
suffite: (Latin) to fumigate or perfume
sufflate: archaic alternative to inflate
refluent: ebbing or flowing back

Vocabulary: Fruit of Forfeit & Declining Decrepitude Edition

dehiscence: the release of juices or fluids by the rupture of a tissue, in botany or biology
mouldwarp: archaic term for a mole, from the German mouldeworpon, “earth-thrower”
climacteric: in fruit, the ripening period; in humans, a period of declining sexual activity
deodand: an animal or object that has caused a death and is forfeit to crown purposes
spavined: decrepit or broken down, or in a horse, afflicted by a certain joint disease
linstock: a pole to which a match was attached, with which a cannon would be lit
birdlime: a sticky plant-based material smeared on branches to catch small birds
antimacassar: a cloth placed on the arms and backs of furniture to prevent wear
trituration: a finely powdered medicine, sometimes mixed with sugar of milk
eleusinian: related to the mythological “mysteries” celebrated in Eleusis
peculate: to steal or embezzle, especially public or entrusted property
ptisan: a drink with medicinal qualities originally made from barley
immiscible: incapable of being mixed together, e.g. oil and water
argot: a group’s jargon or slang – originally that of criminals
sistrum: an ancient Egyptian instrument like a metal rattle
bantling: a young child (from the German for “bastard”)
quean: a prostitute, or poorly-behaved girl or woman
invigilate: to watch over ones who are taking a test
rubicund: having a red or ruddy complexion
cicatrize: to heal by the formation of a scar
sedulous: diligent; persistent; assiduous
quondam: former or erstwhile

Vocabulary: Bring Out The Guimpe Edition

antonomasia: substituting an epithet for a proper name or v.v. (e.g. your lordship or Judas)
kislar-aga: a high-ranking eunuch (under sultan and grand vizier) in the Ottoman Empire
guimpe: a type of garment covering the neck and shoulders, often part of a nun’s habit
sutler: a merchant who accompanies an army and sells the soldiers provisions
colback: also calpac. A black hat of felt or sheepskin common to Asia Minor
reimbushment: reversing one’s course along previous tracks (e.g. in snow)
dolman: a Turkish woman’s cloak or mantle with capelike sleeves
quotidian: commonplace, or recurring daily (comp. “quartan”)
adust: dry or burnt, esp. in the humoral system of medicine
impassible: variant of impassive – incapable of suffering
solecism: a violation of etiquette in manner of grammar
incondite: crudely or poorly constructed or composed
hippanthrope: one who believes himself a horse
pullulate: to teem or swarm, or to breed or bud

Vocabulary: Smooth Oppilator Edition

purly: Anglicization of “purlieu,” meaning outskirts of forest or city (esp. hunting)
deliquium: in chemistry, melting or dissolution; elsewhere, a faint or swoon
adust: dried, burned, or darkened by heat, or gloomy in look or manner
myrachial: no definition. Apparently a synonym for hypochondriacal
oppilate: to block or stop up with obstructing matter or objects
dummerer: a person who feigns dumbness (i.e. lack of voice)
corsive: an obsolete abbreviation of “corrosive”
vastity: a charming alternate form of vastness
cullion: from the Latin for testicle, an insult
constuprate: to ravish or debauch
calenture: a kind of tropical fever

Vocabulary: Kimmering Clachan Edition

Scots words and phrases from The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

braird: the early shoots of a crop of grain like wheat or barley
luckpenny: a sort of discount given to a buyer for luck
windelstrae: a stalk of dry grass
bicker: wooden drinking vessel
wynd: a narrow alley (i.e. wind)
aumuse: a cap worn by clergy
ayont: beside or adjacent to
bourock: a hovel or shelter
shakel-bane: wrist bone
clachan: a small village
Auld Simmie: the devil
spleuchan: pouch
kimmer: gossip
shan: grimace
mense: honor
rowth: plenty
corbie: black
chafts: jaws
maun: must
bairn: child

Vocabulary: Corporeal Grandiloquence Edition

perorate: to speak formally or at great length, or to conclude a speech in such a way
irredenta: a region allied by race or history to one country but ruled by another
naometer: apparently a title given in secret societies. Possibly a fabrication.
abnegation: self-denial, or the relinquishment of a right or property
anchylosis: the adhesion or growing together of bones in a joint
tendentious: showing a tendency, bias, or purpose
hylic: material or corporeal; pertaining to matter
atabeg: a Turkish high official, such as a vizier
spagyric: related to or resembling alchemy
sacerdotal: of or relating to priests
rachitic: suffering from rickets

Vocabulary: Unfeeling Entitlement Edition

heliograph: a device with shutters and mirrors used for sending Morse code via sunbeams
auscultation: listening to internal organs for medical purposes (e.g. with a stethoscope)
erethism: physiologically or psychologically, abnormally sensitive or irritable
appanage: something one is entitled to by rank or position, real or figurative
arras: a tapestry or hanging, or a gift given by the husband at marriage
trepidant: characterized by trepidation (an uncommon adjective)
indurate: to make enduring, unfeeling, or hard, or to accustom
strathspey: a type of slow Scottish dance
corant: a quick but stately dance
pleach: to interweave or braid

Vocabulary: Touch Of Turf Edition

synarchy: a “joint rule” form of government, now with conspiratorial connotations
cicatrix: new tissue over a wound, or the scar left on a plant by a fallen leaf
ordure: excrement, or figuratively speaking, an offensive action
demiurge: creator of the universe, not necessarily God
amatory: expressive of, pertaining to, or inciting love
greensward: grassy turf or an area covered in such
halitus: a breath, exhalation, or vapor in general
etiolate: to drain of color or vigor, esp. plants
mansuetude: mildness or gentleness
scintilla: a trace, particle, or spark
ruction: a din or disturbance
wain: a wagon or cart

Vocabulary: Coarse Corruption Edition

shagreen: skin of sharks or rays used as an abrasive; also, a coarse, granular leather
macumba: a Brazilian cult that combined Christianity with occult practices
argolic: pertaining to Argolis, a southeastern district of ancient Greece
bolection: a raised molding surrounding a door, panel, window, etc
furbelow: a ruffle or showy bit of trimming, as on a woman’s dress
catoptric: the study of optics as created by or related to mirrors
conchologize: to take part in the collection and study of shells
polyantheon: undefined, but presumably “many-flowered”
garzoon: corruption of an oath, probably “God’s wounds”
cachinnation: a loud, improper, or uncontrolled laugh
impecunious: having (or yielding) little or no money
trivant: archaic version of “truant”
quillet: a subtlety or quibble

Vocabulary: Apophthegmatic Raillery Edition

apothegm: a cryptic or pithy, yet instructive, remark or phrase
venditate: to announce or cry out, or to exhibit or blazon
cicisbeo: the escort or lover of a married woman
cark: to care or worry, or a care or worry
disembogue: to discharge or flow forth
badinage: playful banter or raillery
tontine: a type of shared annuit
emmet: archaic term for an ant
tetric: harsh, sour, or rough
halser: rope