Vocabulary: Epic Bale Edition

drugget: a coarse, shabby fabric of cotton or wool (from the French drogue, trash)
murrain: a plague, especially among cattle (from the French moraine, pestilence)
gymnosophist: one of a sect of Indian ascetics who refused themselves clothes
prorogue: to postpone, discontinue, or suspend a legal or legislative meeting
cruet: one or more small bottles or containers for oil, vinegar, salt, etc
fadge: to agree or succeed; or, a bale of wool under 100kg
epopee: an epic poem, or epic poetry in general
spilth: something that was spilled (clearly)
nanger: apparently a type of gazelle?
tomrig: a wild girl or tomboy
fumid: smoky or vaporous
froppish: testy or contrary
diffide: to act distrustfully
peckled: speckled

Vocabulary: Recurring Herder Edition

jument: an ox, mule, or other beast of burden (from the Latin “jumentum”)
recrudescence: revival or reappearance after a period of dormancy
carle: a peasant or laborer (var. carl, from old Norse for karl, “man”)
quartan: something, usually a fever, recurring every fourth day
grazier: a rancher or farmer who grazes livestock on his land
ambage: an indirect method of expression or circumlocution
duenna: a chaperone or governess for a young lady
neatherd: a cow herder (like cowherd or shepherd)
exequy: a funereal ceremony or procession
rissole: a small, deep-fried, meat pastry
calid: warm (same root as calorie)
accoucheur: a male midwife

Vocabulary: I Am Errour Edition

metonymy: figure of speech in which a concept is replaced by a related object (“the crown”)
synteresis: innate moral knowledge. In Christianity, the part of the soul connected with god
ecpyrosis: the periodic destruction and recreation of the universe (ancient Greek belief)
pother: a commotion, heated discussion, or suffocating cloud (as of dust or ash)
defalcation: misappropriation of property (or the property so misappropriated)
simoniacal: guilty of practicing simony (profiting from ecclesiastical matters)
ascesis: self-discipline, often for religious purposes (var. askesis)
chasuble: a Catholic, sleeveless liturgical garment
ydrad: the state of being dreaded (middle English)
furze: “any spiny shrub of the genus Ulex.” Gorse.
hebetude: lazy or lethargic in mind or affect
inanation: exhaustion; lack of vigor or spirit
jape: a joke or mockery (v./n.)
ambulant: itinerant or shifting
brume: mist or fog

Vocabulary: Unspoken, Unclaimed, And Unrefined Edition

sorites: form of arguing in which intermediate arguments and conclusions are left unspoken
corrivation: the joining of two streams or rivers into one (obvious on reflection)
diapason: a range of standard musical pitches, or the exercise of said range
neoteric: modern, recent, or someone tending toward such trends
exegetical: criticism or interpretation of a text, esp. scripture
colloguing: to plot or conspire; to confer or inform secretly
advowsons: the right to present for a vacant church office
coadjutor: an assistant, esp. one bishop to another
bewray: to betray or expose (bee-ray, not boo-ray)
incult: uncultivated, unrefined, naturally wild
ingenite: inherent or inborn; congenital
divagation: to wander or digress

Vocabulary: Churning Hatred Edition

vatinian: extremely strong or bitter, esp. hatred (from the name of a very unpopular roman)
pettifog: to bicker about trifles; also, practicing law with dishonesty or pettiness
otacousticon: an instrument to aid hearing – ear-horns and such
wittol: a man who knows of and accepts his wife’s unfaithfulness
comminute: to break or divide into many small parts
moil: to work or toil hard; also, to churn or twist
desiderate: to wish for or feel the lack of
dorp: a small village (from the Dutch)
welkin: the sky or heavens
irrefragable: indisputable

Vocabulary: Anatomy of Quackery Edition

stentorian: uncommonly powerful in sound (after Stentor, a legendarily loud Greek herald)
pleonasm: the use of more words than necessary to express an idea; a redundancy
chorographical: a description or map of a region, or the technique of creating one
fleer: to mock or coarsely express mockery; a jeer or fleering action
maltster: a person who makes or sells malt (obvious in retrospect)
parasang: an ancient Persian unit of distance equal to ~3.5mi
wearish: withered and shrunken; tasteless; insipid
quacksalver: a charlatan; origin of “quack”
contemn: to treat with contempt; to scorn
chirurgeon: archaic term for surgeon

Vocabulary: Anatomy Of Ant-Bears Edition

ludeful: no definition. It appears to have appeared only once in history. (poss. lewdful)
mediatized: to annex a state or territory while preserving some of its ruler’s rights
franked: marked in such a way as to secure transmission or passage
gobonated: in heraldry, equal divisions forming squares (gobbets)
foliot: a mischevious woodland creature in Italian folklore
exornation: ornamentation or embellishment
chiromancy: palmistry and fortune-telling
sithence: archaic version of “since”
cit: 17th century slang for citizen
pelf: a scornful term for wealth
antbear: an aardvark
avaunt: begone

Vocabulary: Unrepentant Lappet Edition

morganatic: a marriage in which title or property will not be shared or bequeathed
lappet: a small flap or loose piece hanging from a piece of clothing; also, a wattle
supererogate: to do more, or perform better, than is required or expected
vedette: a mounted or mobile advance unit posted close to enemy lines
megrims: low spirits, a migraine, or some other transitive discomfort
unregenerate: unconvinced, unconverted, or unrepentant
sal volatile: ammonium carbonate (smelling salts)
omniana: information relating to… everything
intagli: incised carving, as oppose to relief
objurgate: to berate, reprimand, or curse

Vocabulary: Dare to be Anaractic edition

geognostic: having to do with the constituent parts of the earth (air, crust, etc)
cantatrice: a professional female singer (clearly, but an uncommon word)
dysgenic: having a negative effect on the offspring – opposite of eugenic
historiographer: an official historian of an institution, order, or society
crenated: having a notched or rounded saw-tooth pattern at the edge
plangent: resounding loudly, especially with a sad or plaintive noise
epos: an epic poem, or events which would be appropriate for one
faience: glazed earthenware; also, a strong greenish-blue color
monody: limited to or dominated by a single voice or melody
hygrometry: the branch of physics concerned with humidity
aseity: the property of being self-created or self-originating
ataraxy: the state of being emotionally undisturbed, calm
bibelot: a decorative object, trinket, or curiosity
commorient: dying simultaneously or together
conspectus: a general survey or summary

Vocabulary: Sponging the Guns Edition

syndic: a representative for a corporation or university; also, certain civil magistrates
pyx: a container for the eucharist; also, a container for specimen coins at a mint
lipsanotheca: the container inside a reliquary which contains the relic
mora: a unit of time equal to a short syllable (a poetic metric)
autochthonous: born of the earth; sprung from the ground
inenubilable: indistinct; unable to be made clearly visible
matross: obsolete term for an artillery gunner’s assistant
lief: beloved, or willing, or preferred
orgulous: proud, haughty